RF Cellulite Reduction


Cellulite and stretch marks are two of the most prevalent aesthetic concerns affecting Bakersfield, CA women and men. Cellulite is fibrous tissue that creates a dimpled, lumpy appearance in the skin and is commonly found on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and hip areas. Stretch marks are red or brown scars within the skin tissue that result when the skin expands too quickly, such as with pregnancy or rapid weight gain. Thanks to advanced Accent Prime radiofrequency (RF) cellulite and stretch mark reduction treatments, Dr. Yaplee and his team at Triangle Laser & Aesthetic Center can reduce the appearance of these common aesthetic concerns. This nonsurgical option works through gentle RF and ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen production and create a tighter, smoother appearance.


Many people have experienced a reduction in cellulite and stretch marks using RF. This has resulted in a better self-image and self-confidence. Triangle Laser & Aesthetic Center can help you explore the possibility of RF cellulite or stretch mark reduction therapy if these common skin issues bother you. Dr. Yaplee can discuss cellulite and other stretch mark treatments, as well as cost information during a one-on-1 consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have striated or puckered stretch marks or skin that is swollen, you may be a good candidate for RF treatment. Our team will direct the Accent Prime handpiece through the areas to perform RF cellulite or stretch mark reduction therapy. This device emits RF and ultrasound energy that can trigger new collagen production deep in your skin. This can help to break down fibrous cellulite tissue, and reduce stretch marks, for a smoother texture. The treatment takes approximately 20-30 minutes and requires little downtime. The number of sessions required to reach your goals can be determined by us.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is caused mainly by fat accumulation in the superficial layers. Cellulite can be made more visible by factors such as genetics, lifestyle choices, hormone levels, and diet. Triangle Laser & Aesthetic Center will perform a quick assessment to determine the cause of your cellulite. We can also provide treatment options to help you achieve your desired results.

How long will my cellulite reduction treatment session last?

To ensure excellent outcomes, Dr. Yaplee spends time each patient. The length of each patient’s treatment depends on the extent of the problem. Each appointment should be scheduled at least an hour in advance. Good news is that you don’t need to expect long recovery times.

How can I speed up my recovery after cellulite reduction?

After treatment, we recommend that you drink plenty of fluids and avoid excessive sun exposure. After RF cellulite removal, you should avoid strenuous activities. For a quick recovery, it is important to take things easy the first few days.